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About Us

Claire is a parent, home educator and teacher of more than 20 years, and the founder of The Meadow.  Reimagining education has been a lifelong passion of hers, pushing the creative boundaries for 20 years within the system and for the last decade from outside. She believes in a vision where young people are celebrated, respected and free to develop their authentic selves. Having created a self-directed education with her own daughters, she's dedicated to growing a community where autonomous learners can thrive and develop together. Claire is often outdoors, inspired by wild places and wilder swimming. She loves to read, write and take photographs and is committed to lifelong learning. 


Hannah is passionate about self-directed, consent-based education and envisioning a new future for young people. A true self-directed learner herself from a young age, she will inspire young people on their own journeys. Hannah is a qualified yoga and mindfulness teacher for children and has experience leading outdoor play. She’s a nature lover whose interests include permaculture, foraging, music and art.

Typical Day

Our day is held by a regular rhythm and begins with a community circle, which is our space to connect with each other, share offerings and plan our time together. Offerings are welcome from any member of the community and form the basis of our day. Alongside these, there is a wide variety of resources freely available and the opportunity for free play. The day is facilitated by the mentors with the young people choosing how they spend their time, whether that’s working on group or individual projects, or wherever their imaginations lead them. We end with a closing circle where we can review our day and make suggestions for the following week.

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